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Personalised girls tooth fairy box

Personalised Girls Tooth Fairy Box, Girls Tooth box with cute girl picture


This unique and cute Tooth Fairy Box will be a huge hit with girls who love cute things! A unique and personal gift, perfect for your own daughter or her mates for birthday presents.

Imagine the memories the box will evoke in years to come, remembering the excitement of putting their little tooth in their special box at night and opening it in the morning to find the gift left by the Tooth Fairy!

Our wooden Girls Tooth Fairy Boxes (6 X 6 cm) comes with a printed ceramic inlay and black inner lining. This designs features an cute little girl picture, can be personalised with any name and has the saying:

One little tooth

One giant step

Please let us know if you don't want this saying or would like another one.

Don't forget to let us know what name you would like on the box

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