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Darth Vader Picture

Even Darth Vader Flushes the Toilet Framed Tile


Fun "Even Darth Vader flushes the toilet" Framed tile.

Is this your house's first world problem?! If you have boys it probably is! Put up this fun Star Wars themed picture to inspire flushing! Great gift for boys, or workplaces or schools. 

The Tile is 6 x 6 inches, the image is printed using a process called dye sublimation that permanently fuses the image to the surface of the item using a combination of special ink, heat and pressure to ensure a long lasting durable bond.

The tile is set in a wooden frame that comes with a wooden "stick" for standing, or a hole for hanging on a nail. Frame also has rubber feet to protect the wall or your table if using as a trivet.

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