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Customer Testimonials

Dear Louise 

Received the goodies today and they are both wonderful! 

Thank you so much! I think the water bottle is so perfect in silver even sparkling:-) 

I'm sure will be back for more one day

All the best 



Hello Louise,

Thanks you very much for my pics and mug, they look great. Hopefully you may get a couple of extra customers, there were a few interested people at Bunnings today.

Thanks, Jason.


OMG Louise you are marvelous. All l can say is WOW WOW WOW.

Hear from you soon


Hi Louise,

Thank you for your email and your invoice. 

I really think that people want to have a more personalised shopping and to be able to speak to a real person but the big companies just saturate with their advertising.  I found you by accident, in fact your website was so good I double checked if you were an Australian company and then if you did small orders, I thought you may be wholesale.   My initial search was " buy Chelsea FC mug" then narrowed it down to Australia.  I found you at the bottom of page 2.  I read every blurb and you were the only one that mentioned personalised text and it would be a hit with soccer fans.  When I did a search direct your store came up first. The description of your store is great, I think people read this.  I also did a search to "buy soccer mugs" and found you at the top of page 2.  I was more than happy to have someone do the art work for me, especially as the gifts were so important. This is a bonus to a lot of people if their photos are a little dodgy like mine or its childrens artwork or something of importance. 

One of the biggest draw backs with the large companies is that they take no responsibility for items ordered.  I have seen this first hand where the personalised item appears clear on screen and the person ordering did get a "low resolution" warning.  I suggested they leave it but looking at it you would think all was ok. They did email customer service and received a long winded reply about pixelation etc but it shed little light on what they were doing, so they ordered.  When they received the mug it was just dreadful, nothing like the screen image and they had no comeback. They did complain but while the reply was polite it was also put back to them about checking the final item, which I don't know how you do if the image is ok.  An expensive and very disappointing exercise. So the customer never goes back and I would never touch them but we are just 2 people.  It was your personalised help, attention and patience that completely changed my mind about this. Furthermore, to start I was just looking at buying a Chelsea FC Mug, I had no intention of a personalised one, so that's how much you changed my way of thinking.  Thank you. 

Kind regards Grace


Perfect. I love it. Thank you ?